Practice Ahimsa: Be gentle in voice, movement, actions thought and attitude respecting those who come to yoga for a safe, uplifting, truthful environment. Have mutual respect for the instructor and other participants.

  • Please arrive 5-15 min prior to beginning of class to prepare your space with mat, shoes off and water available
  • Turn off all devices—cell phones, watches or leave them outside the room
  • Bring your own mat. FAC does not provide mats to members
  • Don’t wear scented lotions and perfumes
  • Don’t chat with neighbors
  • Fans are left off unless there is a general agreement with instructor and others before class.
  • Don’t leave during Savasana, final relaxation. If you must leave early, please leave before Savasana.
  • Clean up space and equipment; put your equipment away at the end of class

We offer a variety of styles of Yoga at FAC: Hatha, Vinyasa or Flow, Kundalini, Ashtanga or Power, Iyengar

Unwind Yoga:  This class is a gentle introductory class, designed to help you ease into yoga.  You don’t need to be flexible, strong or experienced to enjoy the benefits of yoga.  If you have never taken Yoga, this is the class to take first.                                                                         

Level:  Beginning                               (1 hour)

Lunchtime Yoga:  A gentle class that introduces you to the alignment and form of Yoga. This is putting what you have learned of the basics in Unwind Yoga into practice.

Level:  Beginning/Intermediate          (1 hour)

Sunday Yoga:  A Vinyasa Flow class in which each pose transitions from one to the next with breath to create a dance like class.

Level:  All                                           (1 hour)

Vinyasa Flow II: Vinyasa flow II links movement with breath through a series of postures designed to strengthen, stretch, and challenge.  The flowing sequence begins with a warm-up including light stretching and core work followed by a sun salutation series.  A variety of postures including warrior series, standing balances, stretch and options for arm balances are included.  Modifications will be suggested.  Attention to breath is emphasized throughout.   Flow is completed with a meditative cool down sequence and relaxation.

Level: Intermediate                            (1 hour)

All Levels:  This is an integrative practice appropriate for those with some yoga experience and interested in expanding skill level. The class offers options for newer students, while encouraging growth for others. Class intensity varies based on the skill level of students present. While alignment is emphasized, a foundation in Yoga Basics is recommended in order to optimize the understanding and experience of this practice. You will be introduced to different styles of Yoga, depending on the instructor and the style Yoga they were trained in.

Level:  All                                           (1 hour)

Yoga Yin: A very distinct style of yoga that stretches the connective tissue while holding a deep stretch on the floor for several minutes. You’ll be invited to come into poses to an appropriate depth for you. This is a graceful and peaceful practice which calms and balances the mind and body, reduces stress and anxiety, increases circulation, improves flexibility, releases fascia, and improves joint mobility.

Level: All                                            (1 hour)

Power Flow: An upbeat vinyasa style flow that provides a full body workout. The class maintains mindfulness & body presence, connecting movement with breath & striving for strength throughout the length of the class. This class leaves you feeling rewarded, powerful, connected & accomplished!

Level: Intermediate                            (1 hour)

Wisdom Yoga: Wisdom yoga is a gentle class with a focus on successful aging. You will learn how to perform yoga poses with proper form, and this class always allows for questions! Wisdom yoga is the perfect class for all who seek strength, mobility, and community. Modifications will be offered as needed.

Level: All                                            (1 hour)