Complimentary Services

Whether you are new to the weight room, cardio room and functional training mezzanine here at FAC or if you are experienced and just looking for a new idea to stimulate your workout, FAC’s Fitness Professionals are available to help answer any questions you may have. Numerous opportunities exist at no charge to help educate you, maximize your fitness goals or to just mix things up. Sign up at the front desk or speak to any Fitness Professional to arrange for a free appointment.


Flagstaff Athletic Club offers all members free Equipment Orientations with our highly trained Fitness Professionals. An Equipment Orientation is a personalized 1-hour appointment that can cover our cardio equipment, FreeMotion selectorized strengthening equipment, weight room equipment or functional training equipment on the cardio mezzanine. These orientations are designed to answer any questions you may have with regards to setup and proper use of the equipment in addition to providing you with the opportunity to receive guidance about reaching your goals.


A Fitness Assessment, or FIT I, is the optimal way to establish a starting point for you when you want to track your progress and reach your goals. Many of us deal with certain imbalances in our bodies that may be important to recognize prior to undertaking an exercise program. Through the Fit I assessment, our Fitness Professionals will help you establish your baseline fitness level and identify any musculo-skeletal issues that may be relevant to your exercise program. Included in the FIT I Assessment is a postural analysis, body composition and/or circumference measurements and a balance stability assessment. Our Fitness Professionals will guide you towards reaching your fitness goals in the safest and most efficient way possible.


Would you like to know your Body Composition percent? This can be a great way to gauge your progress in your exercise program! Register at any service desk and come in to have your Body Composition measured at FACE or FACW by one of our Fitness Professionals. You will have a choice of either a 3 or 7 skinfold site assessment or a circumference measurement and can retest anytime for free to calculate fat loss and help you achieve your goals! Please be prepared by wearing shorts and a sports top. Appointments are highly recommended and can be made at any service desk. No charge for re-testing!