Aquatics Programs

We have many different Aquatics classes and programs to choose from to enhance your swimming or water workouts. We pride ourselves on year-round swimming lessons taught by our amazing American Red Cross certified instructors. Whether you want to learn how to swim or work on something specific, our instructors are dedicated to making you feel confident and happy in the water! Swim teams, fun team building events, scuba classes and pool parties, Aquatics at FAC has got something for everyone to enjoy!

Summer Family Pool Parties

Enjoy some time in the pool with your family over summer during one of our awesome pool parties! We will be grilling hot dogs and will have fun games for everyone to play and maybe you’ll win a prize. Lifeguards will be on duty all during the party; did you know you can check your kids in with the lifeguard if they can swim 1 lap of the pool unassisted? Drop your kids off and enjoy a night out or stay and have fun too! From 5-9pm, the slide and waterfall mushroom feature will be on, come have a blast!

Group Swim Lessons

Group swim lessons run in the summer months from May to early August and are taught by our awesome American Red Cross certified instructors! Geared for ages 3-7, we offer a level 1 for those just beginning to explore in the water, level 2 for those ready to jump off the stairs and start moving around and level 3 for who can swim but are ready to learn more about strokes. For anyone younger than 3 wanting to learn, check out our Parent-Tot swim classes! FAC offers morning classes and afternoon classes on either Mondays and Wednesdays OR Tuesdays and Thursdays. Classes run 2 days a week, for 2 weeks at a time and those 2 week sessions continue all summer long! Check with any service desk to see when classes are throughout the year!


Parent-Tot is a great way to get you and your baby comfortable in the water until they are ready to join in group swim lessons! This class is for ages 6 months to 2 ½ and a parent or guardian is required to get in the water with the child. This beneficial class teaches you how to interact with your child in the water. In this class you will learn different ways to hold your child to help them feel comfortable and start to understand correct body position in the water. This class teaches you basic water safety and rescue skills while providing helpful tips on how to work with your child in the water by preparing them for future lessons with beginning activities for water development.

With classes running all year round, Parent-Tot is offered in the mornings or afternoons on either Mondays or Wednesdays.

Cardboard Boat Race

Join us a few times a year for a super fun, team building cardboard boat race! Sign up in teams of 2-4 people and be ready to design the best boat to race across the pool. Each team will get the same amount of cardboard, a roll of duct tape, and one black garbage bag as their building materials. Use these materials however you’d like to build an awesome boat to carry 2 teammates across the 25 yard pool in a one hour time limit. After the hour build time, teams will set up their boats at the starting line in the pool and race across to see who wins! This event is all about team building and fun!


FAC is partnered with a local dive company, Summit Divers, to offer our members and guests the opportunity to become scuba certified! This class is held one weekend a month all throughout the year. Registration can be done through Summit Divers directly, but practice in our east indoor 11 ft. salt water pool to learn the basics of scuba diving before heading into open water. Contact Summit Divers for more information.


This is a fun, team building experience for kids ages 6-14 who can swim just 1 lap of the 25 yard pool. Participants will be taught backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly and given the opportunity to practice. This is a great introductory program to ease into a swim team or lap swimming if you have never done anything like this before. Even if you are an experienced swimmer, there is something for everyone. Try something new!

Independence Swim Test

The independence pass is for those ages 12-15 that want to use the clubs without adult supervision. To obtain this pass, pick up a packet at any kiosk at the club. You will have to meet a personal trainer at the east and west club, meet with a lifeguard for a swim test, and then complete an oral exam to ensure you are ready to be on your own.

Over summer, the swim test can be taken at the east outdoor pool with any lifeguard. From September through May, the swim test is held Thursday afternoons at 5pm at the east indoor pool with the Aquatics Manager. The lifeguard or Aquatics Manager must sign your packet to confirm this portion of the certification has been completed.