Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons at Flagstaff Athletic Club


FAC offers private swim lessons all throughout the year! Private lessons are 1 to 1 with a swim instructor, semiprivate is 2 to 1. Our swim instructors can work on any aspect of swimming you are interested in improving or can work with our swim skills checklist to get you or your child to a proficient level. Recommended to start private lessons between 2.5-3 years old, Baby & Me classes are a perfect option to get comfortable in the water before starting private lessons.

Private/semiprivate lessons are the most popular swim lesson option, and we are doing our best to accommodate all private/semiprivate lessons requests as quickly as possible. If you would like to request private/semiprivate swim lessons, please contact the Aquatics Manager to see swim instructor availability.

Once you have requested and been set up with a swim instructor, you will be in contact with that instructor for the remainder of your swim lesson package. You are welcome to continue with another package once you have been initially set up with the swim instructor. 


FAC offers Group Swim Lessons with 3 different levels to encourage progression! Group Swim Lessons are offered mostly in the summer month May-Aug – check our website or with the front desk for Fall, Winter, and Spring lessons. Registration forms for Group Swim Lessons are available on our website under “YOUTH ACTIVITIES” – “REGISTRATION FORMS”

Red Level Designed for children with little to no water experience. This class will introduce safety around water and basic swimming skills. Skills introduced include blowing bubbles, breath control, proper kicking   techniques, floating, etc.

Yellow Level – Designed for children with some water experience. Children in this class should feel comfortable going underwater. This class will offer practice of the skills learned in Red Level and introduce new skills including arm strokes for    freestyle and backstroke, rolling over to float and rest while swimming, breathing to the side, and treading water.

Green Level – Designed for children who can swim on their own but need more practice to develop efficient strokes. Children in this class should be able to swim on their own. This class will practice freestyle, backstroke, and treading water and will introduce breaststroke and diving. 

Baby & Me -Designed for ages 6 months to 3 years old. This class will introduce the water and basic swimming skills to babies and parents to help develop good attitudes toward swimming!  Introducing the water and having fun in the pool at a young age is beneficial to their success at the next level. This class will discuss how to keep your child comfortable in the water, basic swimming techniques, floating and submerging all while having fun!