Gymnasium & Open Gym

The FAC East Gymnasium is a multi-purpose area available for all FAC members. The gymnasium contains two basketball courts that can be converted to volleyball courts as well as an indoor track. FAC programs and special events take priority in the gymnasium. 

Court & Gym Rentals

Court rentals are available for special events, team practice, and parties. Members and non-members may rent the facility. Member and nonmember hourly fees apply and vary depending on the area of the club, duration, and number of participants. For additional information on gymnasium and court rentals. Contact Sports Manager Danny Martinez at or 928-779-4593 for more information.

June 2024 Gymnasium Schedule



The Flagstaff Athletic Club has a total of 6 racquetball courts at both locations. Our West location has two courts, one of which contain basketball hoops as well while our East location has 4 courts, one of which contains a basketball hoop. Our racquetball courts can be used for other sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton and more. All equipment is located at our desks. Contact Sports Manager Danny Martinez at [email protected] or 928-779-4593 for more information.