Sydney Tunell

photo of  Sydney Tunell

Hi Iím Sydney! I am from Yuma, Arizona and have moved up here to Flagstaff for school. I go to Northern Arizona University and am majoring in Biology and working on a certificate in Wildlife Ecology and Management. I have been around the pool ever since I was little. When I was six I started competitively swimming. This continued on through high school where I got to travel and compete in places as far as Washington and Wisconsin. I also competed in places as close as right here in Flagstaff. I began teaching swim lessons my senior year of high school. I worked at RM Aqua Academy in Yuma for two years and I did one year of private lessons on my own. Now that I am up here in Flagstaff I have fallen in love with the area and try to get outside as much as possible whenever I am not working or studying! I enjoy anything from hiking, to backpacking, to climbing! I am so excited to be a part of FAC and get to teach swim lessons here in Flagstaff. Hope to see you in the pool!