Lifeguard Training Classes

All you have to do is register, pass the swim test, online test and in-person tests. Must be 15 years or older to register for this class and be certified as a Lifeguard. Must pass the online portion prior to class, the swimming pre-requisites on day 1 and show knowledge and competency of all skills presented in class to pass the in-water final exam as well as the written in-person test.

Lifeguard Courses at FAC East run Wed, Thurs, and Fri from 4pm-8pm and Saturday from 8am-5pm with a lunch break. Check with the front desk for specific class dates. 

Swimming Pre-requisites:
300 yard swim of either freestyle or breaststroke
2 minute tread with only your legs (hands out or under armpits)
Timed event - swim 25 yards, retrieve a 10lb brick in 7ft of water and swim 25 yards under 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Online Portion:
There is a 7 hour online portion that must be completed before the first day of class. You must pass the online test with an 80% or better and we will practice in person the contents of the online portion.

Email address must be provided upon registration. To register, call 928-779-5141. MUST attend all classes to be certified, American Red Cross requirement. $150/members $175/non