FREE Shoulder Impingement Clinic

Event Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Event Time: 4:30 pm
Event Category / Group: Fitness & Wellness / Fitness & Wellness

Free Shoulder Impingement Clinic

Have you started to find that your shoulder "bites" just when you are about to shift into a critical move in your workout or day?  When even rolling over in bed is problematic, there may be a problem…  Shoulder Impingement Syndrome is a rotator-cuff condition that results from over-used, over-trained and strain that causes pain and movement impairments.  People who perform repetitive or overhead arm movements (i.e. weight lifters, baseball pitchers, tennis players) and workers with chronic, poor posture are at the most risk for this painful condition which can lead serious injury if left uncorrected.

Get ready to find relief and explore strategies to correct and restore your shoulder function for years to come.  Join Certified Personal Trainer Danyelle Jorgensen for this free clinic and begin to clean up that range of motion and get back to a better quality of life!  For further information, contact Danyelle at 928-380-5037.  Enrollment is limited, registration required.

Date: Wednesday, May 22nd @ FACW

Time: 4:30pm

Price:  Free