Richard Howard's Fall Wellness Package

Event Date: Saturday, September 24, 2022
Event Category / Group: Fitness & Wellness / Fitness & Wellness

Richard Howard's Fall Wellness Package

Improve your overall quality of life with Richard Howard's three classes over the month of September. These guidelines will improve your breathing, flexibility, improve your energy level and benefit your overall health as we head into the holiday season! Classes meet Saturdays at FACW from 11:00am -12:30pm. 


$59.00/members, $129.00/non-members

Anatomy of Breath Clinic

This 1-hour clinic runs through the functional movement of breath.  It covers where, when and why we breathe the way we do.  This clinic can be applied to improve breath control through movement, helping to build safer, +more efficient practices while exercising.  Come meet with Richard Howard, Exercise Physiologist, in the multi-purpose room to learn better breathing techniques!  Enrollment is limited, registration required.


Saturday, September 24th

Foam Roller Clinic

Foam rolling has been proven to improve flexibility, performance, circulation, the nervous system and aids myofascial release.  Adding this technique to your wellness program can be a huge benefit and can be done anywhere you have a foam roller.  Come meet with Richard Howard for this Clinic to learn more about the benefits that foam rolling can do for you!  Enrollment is limited, registration required.


Saturday, October 1st


General Nutrition Guidance

General nutrition can be a tricky! Come meet with Richard Howard to explore the intricacies of dialing in your nutrition. Dietary guidelines for Americans are published for five-year periods and were most recently updated in 2021. In this clinic we will look at the basic outline of what nutrition is and what the current recommendations are. Some of the basic equations used to calculate macro ranges will be shown to help you understand your specific needs.


Saturday, October 8th