Sergio Padilla

Group Fitness Instructor

photo of Sergio Padilla

Graduate, Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Institute of Fine Arts), Mexico City

Sergio studied Regional and Folkloric Dance at the School of Fine Arts in Mexico City with an emphasis in dance choreography, dance instruction, dance theory and history. Folkloric dance, or “folk dance” is a style of dance that incorporates the customs and cultures of people from a particular area using traditional movements and music from that region.

Sergio possesses other qualifications and coursework from New York, California, New Mexico, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. He has been interviewed live on Univisión TV. Some of his awards and recognitions for his choreography include Viola Awards for Best Instructor/Choreographer, plus recognition from both Disneyland and Universal Studios as Best National Dance Group (Ballet Folclórico de Colores).

He has presented Day of the Dead programs annually at the Northern Arizona Museum since 2003 and presents annually for the Dance Festival at Tlaquepaque in Sedona as well. He has worked at Puente de Hozho as Dance Instructor and Choreographer since 2001 and at Marshall School since 2006. Sergio is Zumba certified and has been teaching highly energetic, motivating, and fun Zumba classes at FAC since 2010 when he first became Zumba licensed.