Danyelle Jorgensen

Group Fitness Instructor

photo of Danyelle Jorgensen

Phone: 928-380-5037
Email: motivationaltao@gmail.com

Since 2017 - Danyelle has been a part of the FAC fitness family since 2014. As a Group Fitness Instructor, she has been helping FAC members achieve their health goals through POUND, Cycling and both Active Aging and HIIT Aqua classes. Having battled extreme health challenges since birth, she knows first-hand, that circumstance isn't destiny and fitness is a choice. When the body talks, it's up to us to listen and turn our weaknesses into our greatest strengths. A martial artist since her teens, she has learned that the cathedral of the self begins with a solid foundation. "You fight as you train." As an LMT, she practiced Sports and Occupational Massage Therapy for 17 years, helping professionals and athletes get back on their feet. She served as a wilderness survival instructor in Idaho, training kids to develop Search and Rescue teams using a three-tiered system: supporting the self, supporting the team and supporting the community. Through her degree in Anthropology she has a background in ancestral nutrition and  physiological environmental adaptation which provides every, single person with their own, unique fitness blueprint. Danyelle has a very diverse background that also includes Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Pilates, Taiko drumming, hiking, yoga and much more, to give you a customized program that will keep you excited and engaged in your fitness journey. To start your new fitness chapter, call Danyelle @ 928-380-5037, or email: motivationaltao@gmail.com.