Robb Faus

Fitness and Sports Director

photo of Robb Faus

Phone: 928-380-5791
Email: [email protected]

Since 1999 — Fitness and Sports Director at FAC. Having been involved in Fitness Training for well over 25 years, I have come to the conclusion that this is a lifestyle that is possible for everybody. Philosophically, I promote developing sustainable and healthy dietary practices and resistance training to challenge my client’s proprioception utilizing TRX, body weight, free weights and cables. I believe gradual progression for the beginner to establish life changes with the goal of instilling balance, coordination and strength. I have been at Flagstaff Athletic Club since 1999. I have raced mountain and road bikes since I was 14, nordic ski, backpack, enjoy an occasional triathlon and played soccer through college and beyond. My previous career was as a Firefighter/Paramedic in suburban Chicago. Since moving to Flagstaff in 1999, I have worked as a Certified Personal Trainer, USFS Wildland Firefighter and Wilderness Guide. My favorite modality is developing training routines for active, outdoor pursuits. Find me in my office at FACW, call me at 928-380-5791 or email [email protected] for an appointment.