Richard Howard

Personal Trainer

photo of Richard Howard

Email: [email protected]

Philosophy: The mind body connection is fundamental to safe and effective movement. I am here to help facilitate your journey to where you want to be by pointing out where, when, and how you can be the most effective with your time and energy on that journey. Every body is different and everyone deserves the chance to explore the limits of what their body is capable of. Ask me any question any time. If I do not know the answer already I will do the research to get you the right answer. History: I have worked predominantly with clients who were dealing with chronic conditions and/or post-operative recovery. The therapeutic side of Pilates movement is the main modality that I start in. After building the fundamentals of core control and stabilizing systems I like to branch out into the movement patterns my clients enjoy the most including walking/running, cycling, swimming, strength training, dance, etc. Hobbies: Walking the beautiful trails here in Flagstaff, Singing, Dancing, Gardening, Cooking, Reading, and Video Games.