Maya Uribe

Personal Trainer

photo of  Maya Uribe

Phone: 623-272-0893
Email: [email protected]

Hello everyone! I am a Phoenix native and a NASM certified Personal Trainer. And as a trainer, my goal is to provide a trusting environment where ALL individuals are able to reach their fitness and health goals. I truly believe that self-confidence is instrumental in fitness, and it helps take you far on your fitness journey. There are many components to living healthy, and I am here to help you find what best works for you. I am very passionate about helping people develop their self-confidence and then support them as they make strides towards a healthier lifestyle. Some activities I enjoy are cross country running, basketball, weight training, hiking, as well as making music and art. I believe exercise should always be enjoyed, and my training can always be modified to best suit your interests. Feel free to reach out at any time, you can contact me at 623-272-0893 or through email at [email protected].