Karina Sampson


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Email: vibrantmama@gmail.com

Since 2010 Hailing from the land down under, Karina graduated with honors and relentlessly pursued her doctorate degree in Biology at the University of Melbourne. She possesses extensive research experience in Actin one of the primary proteins of muscle tissue and has been widely published. Karina earned her personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Being an avid athlete throughout her life, Karina has experienced numerous injuries; both minor and severe. Powerfully, she has learned how to minimize potential injuries as well as how to heal her body herself in conjunction with medical advice. Karina has specialized in corrective exercise and has worked extensively with clients managing injuries, pain and congenital related issues. Karina is now a mother of two and understands physical preparation for and recovery from childbirth. Prior to relocating to Flagstaff, Karina operated a successful personal training business in San Diego and she is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and meeting members of the Flagstaff community. Call 619-321-7561 or vibrantmama@gmail.com.