Jenny Knox


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Phone: 630-341-2275

Since 2015 - Our health is the most important thing each of us has. By improving our health we can all improve the quality of our lives. The best way to improve our health is through proper nutrition and exercise. Jenny has worked as a personal trainer and nutritionist for almost three years now. This was inspired by her own personal success. Years ago she was an inactive, fast food junkie. After years of wanting change she finally took control and made it happen. It is now her goal to share this amazing sense of accomplishment with everyone she can! When you work towards your fitness goals and begin to experience the positive results it is a form of motivation that you can use in every other area of your life. If you’re not happy, take control and fix it. A healthy lifestyle is not a 6 week commitment. It is a lifestyle! Contact Jennifer at or 630-341-2275.