Forrest Sparks

Personal Trainer

photo of  Forrest Sparks

Phone: 928-514-6759
Email: [email protected]

I think that exercise has so much more to offer than just physical benefits. I have personally seen growth in my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness that have all stemmed from exercise. Individual fitness goals dictate the way people approach training. My goal as a trainer is to assess your goals, implement a sustainable program to achieve them, and be there alongside you as you accomplish them. I am a Junior in Exercise Science at NAU and NFPT certified personal trainer. Iíve coached people to compete in powerlifting meets, gain muscle and lose fat, and led physical training for NAUís Marine Officer Program to help candidates get ready for Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. I myself enjoy coaching and training for strength and hypertrophy and have competed in 4 powerlifting meets. I plan to commission with the Marine Corps after graduation and I love doing outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing and hunting as well as spending time with friends and family. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 928-514-6759.