Brea Shepard


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Phone: 505-206-8702

Since 2018 - Brea is a driven personal trainer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is certified through the American Council on Exercise and plans to find herself with many more certifications. She is on her way to be a Strength and Conditioning coach for all ages. She is going through the Fitness/Wellness program at Northern Arizona University where she finds herself in the perfect environment to succeed. She loves to be outdoors, moving, and played competitive soccer, threw shot put in high school, and continues to snowboard. She has been in the Strength and Conditioning environment since she was in middle school and would love to introduce you to it as well. Brea enjoys working with anyone anywhere and would love to get you in working on anything from strength, stability, weight loss, to even just a positive relationship with exercise. She has experience with people of all ages and is willing to help in any way possible! If you see her around donít be afraid to say Hello! You can contact her at: or 505-206-8702.