Free Functional Mobility Clinic

Event Date: Friday, May 20, 2022
Event Category / Group: Fitness & Wellness / Fitness & Wellness

Free Functional Mobility Clinic

Feeling tired of the same old workouts and movements? Do you feel the need to improve your range of motion and/or posture? Are you frequently stiff and sore? If you are looking to take your movements and mobility to the next level, meet with Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Paul Cain in this Free Functional Mobility Clinic designed to show you how to incorporate dynamic movements to your workout routine. This will help you prolong your active lifestyle and physical health by taking the time to regularly guide yourself through proper ways of bending, stretching, lifting, squatting and moving the body throughout all the planes of movement. Learn how to use common mobility tools such as BOSU balls, resistance bands, kettlebells, mobility sticks medicine balls, foam rollers and more! Enrollment is limited, registration required.


Friday, May 20th @ FACE, 6:00pm-7:00pm

Free to FAC members. 

Pre-registration is required, stop by any service desk, call us at (928) 779-4593, or use the online portal at to register.